Kickoff Meeting

PIRE 3rd Annual Meeting is Here!

Come join us for Water & Food Security Project PIRE’s 3rd Annual Meeting. This will include project updates, research presentations, and group discussions with not only researchers from UConn but the University of Oklahoma and even Addis Ababa Institute of Technology in Ethiopia.

When? November 21-22, 2019

Where? Innovation Partnership Building, University of Connecticut

Agenda? [Click Here]


PIRE food and Water Security kickoff conference report

The Water and Food Security PIRE team launched its international research collaboration at a kickoff event in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia from July 11-14. The event included: a two-day workshop with presentations and breakout sessions devoted to the key subjects of the project: rain-fed agriculture, irrigation, hydropower, and international teaching and learning; field trips to targeted irrigated and rain-fed communities, an irrigation dam, visits with the Blue Nile Water Institute and the Abay Basin Authority; and meetings with key officials including the regional ministers for education and water resources. Read more.

On the first two-days of the PIRE water and food security kickoff conference, high quality papers were presented in the four thematic areas of of the project: rain-fed agriculture, irrigation, hydropower, and international teaching and learning. This event was followed by breakout sessions where consensus ideas were captured in the deliberations. The link to the PDF files of all the presentations is provided below.
I. Thematic area session One: Hydropower

  • Hydropower and Water management practices and Challenges (Paul Block). PDF
  • Water-Food-Energy Nexus: with the perspective of watershed management (Seifu Tilahun). PDF
  • Water Resource Management(Semunesh Gola). PDF
II. Thematic area session Two: Irrigation

  • A Reminder: Irrigation Now than Ever in Ethiopia (Semu Moges). PDF
  • Available data and products for Agricultural purpose at the National Meteorological Agency of Ethiopia (Melesse Lemma). PDF
  • Irrigation practices and challenges in Tana Sub basin (Birlew Abebe). PDF
III. Thematic area session Three: Rain-fed agriculture

  • Irrigation Practices and Challenges (Girmachew Addisu). PDF
  • Impact Evaluation of Development Projects: Conceptual Framework and Some Implications for PIRE (Boris E. Bravo-Ureta). PDF
  • Rain fed Agriculture Practice and Challenges: Lessons and Challenges on Disaster Risk Management and Early Warning Information Dissemination–The case of the 2015 drought in Amhara Region (Amare Kendie). PDF
IV. Thematic area session Four: Education

  • TEACHING, LEARNING AND EDUCATION: Challenges and Best Practices of International Education (Mulunesh Abebe). PDF
  • International Partnership. Teaching, Learning and Education: Challenges and Best Practices!!
    (Geremew Sahilu). PDF
  • Teaching and Learning through International Partnerships (Elizabeth Holzer). PDF
Following the kickoff meeting, PIRE research team visited Koga Dam, irrigated and rain-fed communities. Here is a captivating philosophy of a village with approximately 400 inhabitants. PDF