Citizen Science

Citizen science is broadly understood to be a method of data collection by the general public and is often a part of a collaboration with professional scientists. There are currently many citizen science projects taking place globally. Citizen science is beneficial to all participants involved, in more ways than just calculating data such as potential pursuit of further education. Though held to scrutiny regarding technical expertise and quality, this method engages the general public, costs less and yield a larger pool of information that is still valuable. Given the growing need for scientific data in Ethiopia, citizen science may prove to be a viable aid, especially for global advocacy of the effects of climate change in the long-term should reparations be paid.
Take a moment to view more on the citizen science initiative from the presentation below. If you need more time to read, simply hover the mouse over the slide.

Want more information? To see what was presented at the American Geophysical Union Conference in 2019 here


Undergraduate student, Genevieve Rigler, presented on the topic of citizen science at the International Water Conference at Oklahoma State University 2019. To see poster, click here here