Useful links

The following links provide useful information ranging from soil databases to free software. The list is not exhaustive and  does not mean PIRE Project endorsement.
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Soil database (Ethiopia)

The CASCAPE (Capacity building for Scaling up of evidence-based best Practices in Agricultural Production in Ethiopia) is a joint Project launched by Ethiopia and The Netherlands. Such vital soil charactertics information covers 30 Woredas, some of which fall within PIRE project area.


Ethiopia the Cradle of Man kind (Video)


 Ethiopia is endowed with a contrasting landscape and amazing diversity in its people, fauna and flora. It is also a source of the Blue Nile where its inhabitants glory resonates back to the time of Herodotus: “Wise men occupying the Upper Nile, men of long life, whose manners and customs pertain to the Golden Age”.


Survey solutions (World Bank)

 CAPI System is a digital, tablet-based survey solution that can be easily operated even by non-expert users. It saves time, money and improve data quality. There is one more compelling reason to use this survey solution: It is free!


Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia

 This link is a repository for survey data disaggregated by Federal, regional and Woreda administrative structures. If you have inquiry for an official statistical figure related to Ethiopia, this site is likely to offer the answer.



 AWMISET (Agricultural Water Management Information System of ETHIOPIA) is Ethiopia’s National Information System on irrigated agriculture. It keeps records and provides information on agricultural Water management.


Free journal access for developing countries

 Online access to research on the environment (OARE) is a UNEP project that allows free journal access for researchers, acadmeics and policy makers in developing coutnries. Thousands of peer reviewed journals and hundreds of books are accessible free of charge. In order to access the site, login credential is required.



R Software


 R is a powerful and versatile software environment for statistical computing and graphics. The software is becoming increasingly popular in acadamics as well as the corporate world. It is available for free-download from the nearest CRAN mirror location.



 Zotero is a reference management tool that grabs  research articles and collect in a searchable interface. References from the web can be captured with a few clicks and cited in the text while writing or after. It is free and a great software to share reference collections among collaborating research team.



 Meteorological Phenomena Identification Near the Ground(mPING) is a crowd sourced weather reporting tool with provisions of mobile friendly application. It has a great potential to promote citizen science and research at a global scale.  PIRE project is working on this tool  to make it available in local language in the Blue Nile region of Ethiopia.


World Bank info on cereal yield (Ethiopia)



This World Bank resource provides ample information such as climate change impacts and agricultural productivity related to Ethiopia. In the past decade, Ethiopia has registered higher cereal yield (kg/ha) relative to the Sub-Saharan average, excluding countries in the high income categories.

The Agro-Met project in ATA is working to put in place a system that interprets the seasonal and short-term climate forecasts provided by the National Meteorology Agency (NMA) in the context of smallholders’ needs and translates them into a format that supports agronomic decision-making.